Chartering and Broker Services

Chartering and Broker Services

Chartering and Broker Services

container ship

Tar-Sha has large amount of network of over 3,000 shipowners and Brokers operating worldwide.

Our company finds the suitable ships for every kind of loads and logistics needs and provides chartering services among these worldwide steamship owners and brokers network.

Tar-Sha offers ships of all sizes and features, from coaster to capesize classes, at competitive costs, within market conditions, with time charter or voyage charter options.

Since it is a logistics company that has been operating in the sector for many years, it can find vessels at a suitable position and cost for your shipments, as well as find suitable loads for your vessels.

It can reduce large amount of the costs by consolidating the loads that has more than one shippers.

Tar-Sha provides both ship chartering services and makes the most appropriate and ideal charter contracts for the institutions it serves.