Ankara / Turkiye

Muhsin Yazıcıoglu Cad. No.57 Regnum Sky Tower Kat.20 D.77
Ankara Turkiye

+90 312 354 59 01

+90 312 354 59 02

Mersin / Turkiye

Yeni Mahalle Güvenç İş Merkezi B Blok No:20 Mersin Turkiye

+90 324 238 30 90

+90 324 238 30 91

United States

(Branch Office) 1215 Bowes RdnElgin, IL 60123 Chicago USA

+1(331) 444-4372

About Tar-Sha

Faster, Environmentally, Safe and Economical Transportation

Tar-Sha International has adopted the principle of using modern vehicles with superior technological features in transportation activities and aims to maintain a more environmentally friendly, safer and more economical position of its truck with each year.

Cargo ship



Maritime Transport

Tar-Sha offers maritime transport services to its customers trough supply agreements with leading steamship companies which operates in Turkiye and in the World.

Airways Transporting

Tar-Sha provides location and price advantages as a result of agreements with distinguished airline companies.

Project Cargo Transport

Tar-Sha is one of the leading positions of Project transportation.

Fair Transportation

Tar-Sha brings you together with your customers by undertaking every stage of the organization on time with its quality and experience.

Groupage Services

Tar-Sha, provides services to its customers in the field of groupage services as well as complete transportation.

Storage / Warehousing Services

Various possibilities are offered to our customers with storage management or with the options to create a project-specific Warehouse in our customer’s own warehouse or in our own warehouses.

Chartering and Broker Services

Tar-Sha has large amount of network of over 3,000 shipowners and Brokers operating worldwide.

container operation

Integrated logistics service provider

Tar-Sha Logistic services includes storage / warehousing, domestic inland transportation, heavy load transportation, Chartering and Multimodal transportation, international sea, road, railway and air transportation operations.

Reaching a solid infrastructure all over the World in recent years, Tar-Sha Logistics provides trouble-free services in shipments from all over the World with its subsidiaries.